Vol. 61, No. 4, 2016 · Contents

Viktor Beneš:

Dominique Jeulin:
Iterated Boolean random varieties and application to fracture statistics models

Jiří Dvořák, Michaela Prokešová:
Asymptotic properties of the minimum contrast estimators for projections of inhomogeneous space-time shot-noise Cox processes

Rafik Aramyan:
Zonoids with an equatorial characterization

Jakub Večeřa:
Central limit theorem for Gibbsian U-statistics of facet processes

Lothar Heinrich:
On the strong Brillinger-mixing property of ${\alpha}$-determinantal point processes and some applications

Kateřina Helisová, Jakub Staněk:
Quermass-interaction process with convex compact grains

Ximo Gual-Arnau, Luis M. Cruz-Orive:
New rotational integrals in space forms, with an application to surface area estimation

Jiří Kopecký, Tomáš Mrkvička:
On the Bayesian estimation for the stationary Neyman-Scott point processes

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