Vol. 59, No. 6, 2014 · Contents

Jürgen Sprekels:
Pavel Krejčí turns sixty and receives the Bernard Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merit in Mathematical Sciences

Xinlong Feng, Zhifeng Weng, Hehu Xie:
Acceleration of two-grid stabilized mixed finite element method for the Stokes eigenvalue problem

Jaroslav Haslinger, Jan Stebel, Taoufik Sassi:
Shape optimization for Stokes problem with threshold slip

Chunmei Wang:
A preconditioner for the FETI-DP method for mortar-type Crouzeix-Raviart element discretization

Lv Zhanmei, Gong Yanping, Chen Yi:
Multiplicity and uniqueness for a class of discrete fractional boundary value problems

Chanchal Kundu:
Characterizations based on length-biased weighted measure of inaccuracy for truncated random variables

Müjdat Kaya:
Determination of the unknown source term in a linear parabolic problem from the measured data at the final time

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