Vol. 59, No. 4, 2014 · Contents

Pengzhan Huang:
Superconvergence of a stabilized approximation for the Stokes eigenvalue problem by projection method

Andrey Andreev, Milena Racheva:
Two-sided bounds of eigenvalues of second- and fourth-order elliptic operators

Kristian Sabo, Rudolf Scitovski:
Interpretation and optimization of the $k$-means algorithm

Mokhtar Hafayed, Petr Veverka, Syed Abbas:
On near-optimal necessary and sufficient conditions for forward-backward stochastic systems with jumps, with applications to finance

Kamel Al-Khaled:
Existence of solutions to nonlinear advection-diffusion equation applied to Burgers' equation using Sinc methods

Tuan Nguyen Huy:
On an initial inverse problem in nonlinear heat equation associated with time-dependent coefficient

Yongfeng Wu, Guangjun Shen:
On convergence for sequences of pairwise negatively quadrant dependent random variables

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