Vol. 59, No. 1, 2014 · Contents

Markus Stammberger, Heinrich Voss:
Variational characterization of eigenvalues of a non-symmetric eigenvalue problem governing elastoacoustic vibrations

Sanjay Kumar Khattri:
How to increase convergence order of the Newton method to $2\times m$?

Xin-Ge Liu, Mei-Lan Tang:
Existence of positive periodic solutions of higher-order functional difference equations

Yazheng Dang, Yan Gao:
A new simultaneous subgradient projection algorithm for solving a multiple-sets split feasibility problem

Boulbeba Abdelmoumen, Omar Jedidi, Aref Jeribi:
Time asymptotic description of an abstract Cauchy problem solution and application to transport equation

Xing-Cai Zhou, Jin-Guan Lin:
Complete $q$-order moment convergence of moving average processes under $\varphi$-mixing assumptions

Ying Li, Yuanfu Shao:
Dynamic analysis of an impulsive differential equation with time-varying delays

Pengyu Chen, Yongxiang Li:
Monotone iterative method for abstract impulsive integro-differential equations with nonlocal conditions in Banach spaces

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