Vol. 58, No. 5, 2013 · Contents

Vít Dolejší:
Prof. Miloslav Feistauer seventieth birthday celebration

Douglas Bunker, Lixing Han, Shuhua Zhang:
A proximal ANLS algorithm for nonnegative tensor factorization with a periodic enhanced line search

Yongfeng Wu, Andrew Rosalsky, Andrei Volodin:
Some mean convergence and complete convergence theorems for sequences of $m$-linearly negative quadrant dependent random variables

Francesco Bigolin:
Regularity results for a class of obstacle problems in Heisenberg groups

Robert Černý:
Generalized $n$-Laplacian: semilinear Neumann problem with the critical growth

K. Maleknejad, M. Hadizadeh, M. Attary:
On the approximate solution of integro-differential equations arising in oscillating magnetic fields

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