Vol. 57, No. 2, 2012 · Contents

Professor Michal Křížek, Editor-in-Chief of Applications of Mathematics, is sixty

Hans-Görg Roos, Martin Schopf:
Analysis of finite element methods on Bakhvalov-type meshes for linear convection-diffusion problems in 2D

Wen Zhang, Jianwen Zhang:
Global existence of solutions for the 1-D radiative and reactive viscous gas dynamics

Dalibor Pražák, Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal:
Mechanical oscillators described by a system of differential-algebraic equations

Jamol I. Baltaev, Milan Kučera, Martin Väth:
A variational approach to bifurcation in reaction-diffusion systems with Signorini type boundary conditions

Petra Kordulová:
Continuity of solutions of a quasilinear hyperbolic equation with hysteresis

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