Vol. 56, No. 6, 2011 · Contents

Tie Zhang, Shuhua Zhang:
Finite element derivative interpolation recovery technique and superconvergence

Jan Mandel, Loren Cobb, Jonathan D. Beezley:
On the convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter

Qingliu Yao:
Solvability of a class of elastic beam equations with strong Caratheodory nonlinearity

Xiaojie Lin, Qin Zhang, Zengji Du:
Solvability of a higher-order multi-point boundary value problem at resonance

Mei-Lan Tang, Xin-Ge Liu:
Positive periodic solution for ratio-dependent $n$-species discrete time system

Aydin Huseynov:
Second order nonlinear differential equations with linear impulse and periodic boundary conditions

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