Vol. 54, No. 3, 2009 · Contents

Ivan Hlavacek is seventy-five

Qun Lin, Tang Liu, Shuhua Zhang:
Superconvergence estimates of finite element methods for American options

Sebastian Franz, Fang Liu, Hans-Gorg Roos, Martin Stynes, Aihui Zhou:
The combination technique for a two-dimensional convection-diffusion problem with exponential layers

Jan H. Brandts:
Analysis of a non-standard mixed finite element method with applications to superconvergence

Hongtao Chen, Shanghui Jia, Hehu Xie:
Postprocessing and higher order convergence for the mixed finite element approximations of the Stokes eigenvalue problems

Runchang Lin, Zhimin Zhang:
Numerical study of natural superconvergence in least-squares finite element methods for elliptic problems

Ningning Yan:
Superconvergence analysis and a posteriori error estimation of a Finite Element Method for an optimal control problem governed by integral equations

Hossein Azari, Shuhua Zhang:
Global superconvergence of finite element methods for parabolic inverse problems

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