Vol. 53, No. 5, 2008 · Contents

Jurgen Sprekels turns sixty

Iacopo Borsi, Angiolo Farina, Antonio Fasano, Mario Primicerio:
Modelling bioremediation of polluted soils in unsaturated condition and its effect on the soil hydraulic properties

Akio Ito, Nobuyuki Kenmochi, Noriaki Yamazaki:
A phase-field model of grain boundary motion

Kazufumi Ito, Karl Kunisch:
Semi-smooth Newton methods for the Signorini problem

Ingo Muller:
Extended thermodynamics - a theory of symmetric hyperbolic field equations

Elisabetta Rocca, Riccarda Rossi:
Global existence of strong solutions to the one-dimensional full model for phase transitions in thermoviscoelastic materials

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