Vol. 47, No. 2, 2002 · Contents

Proceedings of the 10th Seminar "Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics" Preface

R. Blaheta, P. Byczanski, R. Kohut:
Composite grid finite element method: Implementation and iterative solution with inexact subproblems

Drahoslava Janovska:
Decomposition of an updated correlation matrix via hyperbolic transformations

Vladimir Janovsky, David Just:
On a 1-D model of stress relaxation in an annealed glass

Stepan Klapka, Petr Mayer:
Aggregation/disaggregation method for safety models

Ivo Marek, Petr Mayer:
Aggregation/disaggregation iterative methods applied to Leontev systems and Markov chains

Ivan Saxl, Petr Ponizil:
Bernoulli cluster field: Voronoi tessellations

Pavel Solin, Karel Segeth:
Description of the multi-dimensional finite volume solver EULER

Jiri Vala:
On a system of equations of evolution with a non-symmetrical parabolic part occuring in the analysis of moisture and heat transfer in porous media

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